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Giorgio Citarella II

The Full Picture

I am a documentary filmmaker, photographer, and BFA graduate from American University. In combining a rigorous academic experience with professional roles in various sectors, I have a verifiable history of success as an intern, student, and worker. I have received industry awards such as the Gold Award for Best Nonfiction Student Filmmaker in the Washington Metropolitan Area (The Television, Internet, and Video Association of DC) and an Award of Recognition at the national IMPACT Documentary Awards. Professional focal points include video editing, sound mixing, color collection, lighting, multi-cam editing, research, script writing, motion graphics, social media, Adobe Creative Suite, and cross-functional team collaboration.

Most recently, I was the Junior Editor and Production Assistant at Meangreen Media. In this role, I performed tasks such as loading/organizing footage, researching/selecting/implementing visual assets, and captioning prior to digital distribution. Outside of this position, I have also contributed to various projects as a writer, producer, and director, such as for short films The Freeway Phantom, Graduation Day, and Troubled Tributary: Maryland’s Patuxent River, one of which won a Student Emmy.

Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, filmmaking expert who can be relied on to provide superior deliverables that support profitable results.

I am pursuing new opportunities and can be reached through this website, or by phone at: 516-282-4760

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